10 Days

  • Web Design
  • UI/UX
  • Illustration
  • Interactive Designer
  • 2015-2016
  • Dashboard by Jenna Fucci
  • Made with ThreeSixtyEight
About The Project

The 10 Days Campaign began in 2007 with three college students who wanted to bring clean water to the world. Today, participants from across the United States give up every beverage but water from Nov. 9-8 donating what they save to providing Rwandans with clean water. I was challenged to create a compelling and interactive online experience that would raise awareness and engage students to pledge and fundraise for clean water wells in Africa.

Visual Design + Storytelling

First, we refreshed and expanded their brand look and feel to increase credibility. Then, we launched a social campaign website focused on the narratives of Ruhango residents to illustrate the dire water situation.


The interactive drink calculator empowers users to understand their potential impact by estimating how many years of water they could provide for people in Ruhango based on usual beverage consumption.

Donate & Sign Up Screens

The custom donation process allows the user to see the impact of their donation on Rwanda.

Web App Dashboard

The 10 Days web application allows members to personalize the fundraising experience with a custom, shareable landing page for social followers, user dashboards to track progress toward goals, and teams and leaderboards that gamified the experience for increased group participation and healthy competition.


The new platform set records for fundraising, number of participants, and user engagement. The campaign raised $71,386 during the 2015 season with a total of 1,138 users, 227 teams and 17 universities. The project earned a national Addy Award for outstanding interactive campaign.