Arcade City

  • Brand Strategy
  • User Interface
  • User Experience
  • Visual Designer
  • Illustrator
  • 2018
  • Made with Infinite Red
Crafting a ridesharing experience for the people

Arcade City’s platform combines blockchain, peer-to-peer collaboration, and local driver co-ops to put power back in the hands of drivers and riders. Arcade City’s current mobile app had an existing look & feel, but they came to Infinite Red to redesign their v2 app. The newest version of Arcade City features an improved user experience with custom illustration and iconography.

visual and interface design

The Infinite Red design team led an in-depth discovery process to define a visual language and clear aesthetic for Arcade City. To set them apart from the competition, we made sure their rebellious, playful, and innovative personality was expressed throughout the screens.

My teammates Jenna and Justin mapped the UX and laid out the UI while I focused on illustrations. The isometric city concept was first drawn on paper, modeled in 3ds Max, vectorized in Adobe Illustrator, and then brought into Sketch for the final layout.

We strategically placed the illustrations on empty states, filters, and alerts for an impactful user experience. Christopher Davis, CEO of Arcade City, said “The design team read our mind with the aesthetic that we’re going for and really built things in the right direction.”

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