LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio

  • Web Design
  • Interactive Designer
  • 2015-2016
  • Made with ThreeSixtyEight
  • Prototype by Jenna Fucci
  • Development by Sahil Mepani
About This Project

The LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio is an institution that builds transdisciplinary teams who work to solve coastal problems through an integrated design and systems-thinking approach. The client wanted a new website that reflects their smart and forward-thinking organization.


The main goals of this website redesign were to clearly inform the public about the organization’s values and to compel key audiences to participate in their mission. The LSU CSS wanted simplicity in their overall design and content presentation to appeal to their broad audience. We created a variety of page templates with repeatable modules to keep the content dynamic and consistent.

Art Treatment

CSS combines innovative (sometimes crazy looking!) design thinking with the practicality of “but how’s this going to work to solve the problem?” We wanted to make sure the web experience aligned with their “big idea” thinking of form and function. We focused on promoting their culture of collaboration in academia and creative energy through a simplistic design and mix of beautiful visuals—team photography in both studio and field environments and project renderings.

Project Showcase

The LSU CSS projects span all aspects of their research, outreach, and teaching activities. We organized hundreds of projects into a flexible and easy-to-navigate system. This engaging project showcase invites students, faculty, or community members to learn more about the studio’s work and the ways they can become a part of it.