• Brand Strategy
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Designer
  • 2017-2018
  • Made with Infinite Red
A sales CRM software focused on fostering customer relationships

PipelineDeals help thousands of small-to-medium sized businesses in over 60 countries manage their sales pipelines and grow revenue. The web app is highly successful, with an expansive feature list to track and manage sales activity in real-time. On the other hand, their iOS app was performing poorly in the app store. PipelineDeals came to Infinite Red to improve the mobile app’s user experience, including a full redesign and rewrite in React Native. We took the challenge to create a robust cross-platform companion app to make salespeople more productive on the go.


One of the project’s biggest challenges was determining which features from the web app would be the highest priority for traveling salespeople for the mobile app. To do this, we created job stories to narrow down features that would help users make connections and stay updated while on the road. We were able to cut unnecessary features that would complicate the app, distracting users from their goals. Then, high-fidelity wireframes were developed to structure the stories into layouts and interactions.


Although most CRM interface designs can be straightforward, our task was to make the PipelineDeals mobile app approachable and professional. After the wireframes were approved, the first step was to carry over the web app’s existing look and feel. Then, I looked for opportunities to include visuals and motion design to enhance the experience on mobile devices.

I developed a branded design system complete with custom imagery and seamless interactions. Illustrations were used for empty and error states to engage the user to take action. Justin Huskey animated microinteractions for seamless transitions that brought the app to life.


Ultimately, we delivered a simple, but powerful cross platform mobile app that salespeople will love to use wherever they are. Dan Bradley, PipelineDeals’ Product Manager said, “We’ve really enjoyed working with Infinite Red through the design process! We’re all very pleased with the designs that were produced and our whole team is looking forward to seeing them come to life!”