• Web Design
  • UI/UX
  • Interactive Designer
  • 2015-2016
  • Made with ThreeSixtyEight
  • Development by Sahil Mepani
About This Project

Xcelaero manufactures high performance fans for the defense, commercial and industrial markets. Their website redesign needed to present Xcelaero as leaders in fan technology with an innovative and established corporate web presence.


I approached the UX with the intent to create an easily-navigable and seamless experience between pages and content. The user controls the site using a keyboard. The left and right arrows navigate between main pages, and the up and down arrows scroll through the current page. Prototype creation streamlined the user journey and was crucial throughout the design and development process.

Visual Design

Xcelaero’s new website design needed to reflect their superior technology and innovation. Bright navigational cues with thin lines contrasts the massive industrial fan imagery for a sleek look and feel. Minimal visuals were used so they would not compete with the fans. We focused on powerful ways to display the photorealistic 3-D fan renders for a unique product experience.

Interactive Fan Tool

The interactive fan tool allows consumers to find the exact fan they need for their job. Once the user inputs the specific search criteria, the results will generate a graph of fans with performance levels in that range.

Product Experience

With product information that could be lengthy and complicated, we made sure the hierarchy of information was easy to navigate without overwhelming the consumer through a segmented product tour.